Dissertation, PT2

Since thinking about my artefact, I have a basic idea of what I want to create which is now going to help me with my dissertation plan.

After creating a few drawings I really want to create a banner that will be shown as art but also as a kind of ‘mock advertisement’. By mock advertisement I mean some form of poster which could be used in the future if our planet became unliveable for us.

My idea for this banner is based around the idea of Planet B. My initial thoughts on this subject are just questions that pop into my head when I think about this subject.

Which planet is going to be our so called ‘Planet B’?

How are we going to get there?

What will we be doing when we get there?

Do we need to send groups of people to this planet to prepare it for our arrival? For example; build homes, shops, places to work etc.

How much is it going to cost?

If the cost’s are ridiculously high then who will the ‘elite’ be that are fortunate enough to go?

These are the kind of questions I want to be talking about for part of my dissertation instead of talking widely about how negatively we effect the environment. I think we currently get shown a lot about how we effect the environment and a lot of people choose to ignore and look past these issues. I think that making people think about these questions will really spark a conversation and an interest on what’s going to happen to the environment if we are too late.

There’s no way we all will be going to planet b simply because the idea of it sounds like it will be costing whoever purchases tickets a pretty penny. Maybe if people realised we would be left behind when the ‘elite’ jet off to this new and exciting planet somewhere else, we could actually start making a difference to the environment.

This work also sparked ideas for my project, what if I created a collection of ‘advertisement’? What reaction would I get from an audience?

Chris Jordan, Midway Project

Chris Jordan in an American artist and photographer based in Seattle, Washington.

How did this work make me feel?

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Nausea
  • Guilt

What really caught my eye about Jordans work is the fact his work are animal carcasses. Immediately this caught my attention as it is quite morbid and could also hit a nerve and cause anger from animal lovers. To me looking at his work I think that this is the point. I feel as if a horrified reaction or a reaction of sadness and anger is something that he wants from his audience.

When I looked at thee pieces for the first time I felt very angry/sad as the reason animals not just birds are being harmed/killed is because of plastic we make and throw away. Once you throw something in the bin you clear it from my mind as its no longer something that you have to think about. Jordan’s work I feel is there to make you think twice before just discarding something away; if its not being recycled then where is it really going?

For my own work I want to create something that is going to make the view react. Whether this is a sad or angry reaction I want my work to be able to make the viewer feel something.

Developing ideas, PT1

Textile inspired project

  • Weaving onto wood
  • Tapestry?
  • String
  • Cotton
  • Plaiting
  • Wool
  • Embroidery
  • Felt making
  • Stitching
  • Mixed media

Weaving types

  • In and out
  • Turkish knot
  • Wrap around

! Use plastic and debris in tapestry

My first idea for my project this year is to switch up my chosen media. I have felt quite uninspired this summer just sticking with journaling and I want to explore a new media in the hopes of coming across something fresh and exciting for my work.

This year I want to explore using textiles in my work as it is a form of media I have not explored in quite some time. I did a year of textiles during A-level where I learnt the basics of most textile techniques but I want to go back to it and create something new and exciting.

This week I am going to either buy or make my own weaving loom so that I can explore different weaving techniques and create some small and large scale textile pieces.

Dissertation, PT1

For my dissertation, I want to write about something that I can not only link to my practise but also link to my life.

In my dissertation proposal, I spoke a lot about how living unsustainable effects not only the environment but also us as a human race. I wanted to kind of stay away from that with diss as I feel like what I was speaking about was far to broad and could have been narrowed down quite a lot.

My first initial ideas for my diss is to decided what I want to make as an artefact. By deciding this I then have a subject to base my dissertation around. I can then begin to form a plan and expand on my topic whilst talking about my artefact and making connections to other artists when necessary.

For my artefact, my first initial idea is to create some kind of textile/fabric piece that could be hung up.

In my project for this year I’ve started working with yarn and began to create my own weaving looms on large and smaller scales. Depending on how this goes over the next week will depend on how I feel about using this technique with my dissertation artefact.

Alejandro Durran, Washed Up

First initial thoughts

  • quite pretty
  • very vibrant
  • enjoy the colours being grouped together

Alejandro Duran is a Mexican artist who is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Duran’s work ‘Washed up’ consists of environmental installation/photography project that transforms the international debris washing up onto Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

What I really like about his work is how eye-catching it is. You would never be able to walk past it and not look at it. This in itself is very clever as if something is eye-catching we immediately want to know what it is and if there is a group of people surrounding something we automatically want to know what is drawing them in a getting their attention.

My favourite of the pieces above is the first image as I really like how the litter is made to give the illusion of it coming out of the photo and then creating shapes on the floor. Quite like Chris Jordan work Duran is trying to show how negatively we are effecting the environment but he has done it in a away that is aesthetically pleasing and nice to look at.

Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Surprise

Surfrider Foundation is an orgaisation who are dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world ocean. What really drew me to looking into this organisation were the two images above. These images are posters that try to educate people on one of the may reasons why littering and polluting the ocean is not good.

I really like that they’ve used the quote ‘what goes in the ocean goes in you’ as I think people often forget that even though the ocean is huge, animals still get caught on litter and also eat it. If animals eat plastic and other debri that gets dumped into the ocean it is not a material that can be digested. This mean when we’re catching fish to eat what’s in the fish will essentially go into you. This Foundation is such a good organisation to donate to as they are really trying to help make the ocean not only a better place for the animals to live in but also helping to make our lives more sustainable.

After looking through their page it makes me think what if everyone picked up at least 3 or 4 pieces of litter they see in the day and throw it in a bin. Would this then make the planet more cleaner or will it make people think before they threw something on the ground.

Summer Project

For my summer project I have taken a photograph of a collection of litter that was in my bin from my bedroom. The reason I have done this is because I want my project this year to continue my interest in sustainability and environmental issues.

Since coming to university I have become very interested in looking at how we are negatively impacting the environment and what we can change in our everyday living to leave a positive impact. After researching for my dissertation proposal last year, I was able to read a lot about ways in which we are living unsustainably and the effects that it is having on the planet. Sustainability is not something I had heard about until coming to university. Never as a child had I really given much thought into what my actions or other’s actions would have on other people and more importantly the environment. At a young age we are taught the basics of picking up after ourselves, throwing away our rubbish into bins provided and to always eat all of the food given to us on a plate but never did I really think about what happens to the rubbish after. From a young age I was taught that when we throw away rubbish it goes to landfill; but never was I taught the consequences that come with throwing away our everyday rubbish. Never was I shown the long-lasting effects of pollution and how it not only effects the environment but also many of the animals living among us. 

With my work this year I want to be able to voice my opinion on what I think we should be doing to help preserve and save our planet.