Summative Assessment

Artist Statement

How does sustainability affect our surroundings and how does it affect our lives? Are we living every day in ways which are creating positive or negative effects on the environment we live in? Is this something we could be taking more seriously or is this something we choose to ignore instead of facing the problem at hand? Are we really educated on what’s going wrong in the environmental world or is this something that is kept from us? The focus of my work is to spread awareness about environmental harm through the power of art. Using mixed media collage techniques, I hope my work can give people a real glimpse into what we aren’t always shown in the newspapers. I think art has the power to speak to people, in a way in which we are unable to speak to each other and can send an extremely powerful message. Sustainability is something that is very close to my heart and sending powerful messages around this subject has become very important to me.


Writing a Story


Experimenting with Newspaper


Pablo Picasso

Lance Letch

Robert Rauschenberg

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