Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg was an American painter and graphic artist who’s work anticipated the pop art movement.

What I like about this piece above by Rauschenberg is the movement of the paint and the mixture of colour. I find this to be a very effective technique by spreading the paint in different directions and creating patterns.

By doing this Rauschenberg leaves the piece with a very simple base before adding detail which I think adds quite a lot of character to his work.

These two pieces above by Rauschenberg are similar in choice of colour. These colours compliment each other well with out over powering one another. Underneath all the bright colour is where Rauschenberg layers his imagery, newspaper and other bits. By doing this the texture and detail is shown from underneath the colours which blur them in with the black and white images.

For my own work I want to experiment with complimentary colours muckiest like Rauschenberg’s work.

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