Artistic Practise

My journey as an artist has allowed me to experiment with many different mediums and techniques in order to find what I am truly passionate about. I have experimented in many different kinds of areas such as ceramics, collage, textiles, painting, drawing, photography etc and in each of these areas I have learnt what my strengths and weaknesses are as an artist. As I look back at my journey, I’ve really enjoyed being able to work with and experiment with different kinds of materials as by doing this, I have been able to see what really helps to keep me passionate about my work. At this moment in time, my practise is collage based and by working with this medium I am able to experiment with different techniques in order to create layering and texture in my work. Collage is something that really transport you into a world full of colour, texture and depth. This kind of work is something that inspires me to not only create and show my love for sustainability, but also to be creative and to art journal my thoughts and feeling for myself. Being able to work with a medium that inspires all aspects of my life is truly something that helps me to become a better artist day by day. I also love that as I develop as an artist, my inspiration and taste in what I create changes with me along the way. Collage is what I love to focus on now but the beauty of being an artist is being able to express myself in any way, shape or form and in 10 years from now I could be experimenting in any new kind of medium or going back to mediums I have once enjoyed before.

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