Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is an artist I have enjoyed since being very young.

Picasso is skilled in many different mediums such a painting, sculpting, printmaking etc and every piece he has created is something that is detailed and unique in every way.

Below are two collage pieces made by Picasso that I really enjoy.

Piccasso’s collage pieces include many different materials such as newspaper, photographs fabrics and also objects.

This first piece called Glass and bottle of Suze is a collage piece made in 1912. What I really enjoy about this piece is the contrast between the purple and the murky brown colours. This choice of colour helps to make the purple stand out and become eye-catching.

The background also make the piece look detailed as you can still make out the writing on the newspaper clippings. This adds a different kind of texture to the piece.

Another of Picasso’s pieces which I enjoy is the ‘Still life with the caned chair’. This piece does not have any pop of colour like Picasso’s other piece but I really like his use of line and how the dark greys create a lot of depth in this piece.

Even though the colours are again quite murky, there is a lot of detail in this piece without any help from newspaper to create a different texture.

For my own work I really want to use Picasso’s attention to detail to my advantage. In all of his pieces there never seems to be one boring, tiresome section. His work contains excitement throughout.

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