Exhibition Proposal before Covid-19

For my proposal before COVID-19, I wanted to create something that was very out of the ordinary for me.

Since GCSE I have mainly worked with ceramics and mixed media collage. These two mediums are something of a comfort blanket when it comes to my journey as an artist; and since it was my final year I thought this would be a good chance to think outside of the box and do something new and exciting.

The basis of my idea was to go back to a technique that I remembered from completing my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

What I initially wanted to create were two medium scale, three-dimensional mixed media pieces. The base of my pieces would have been thick wood that would have been covered in a large amount of PVA glue. Sticking onto the glue I wanted to use items and broken pieces that I found washed up on the sides of the beach from the sea. Adding on top of this another layer of PVA glue with sand from the beach and then a medium layer of wall paint on top of the wet glue.

As the glue would have dried this would have caused the wall paint on top to crack and leave a very cool, textured effect. From there, I wanted to go in with dark ink and some paints to create block text and paintings in the theme of a newspaper article based around sustainability.

I tried to do this at home but as I was unable to go to a beach, the only items I had to glue down were recyclable products. I tried to use plaster board also instead of wood but because of the large amount of wood, the plasterboard turned soggy and weak which then made the surface breakable and uneven to work on.

Im quite disappointed that this turned into a fail because the technique was a technique I remembered enjoying very much; but I am glad that I trialled it with plaster board to see if it would work before moving back to collage.

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