Winston Torr

Winston Torr is a collage and charcoal artist living in Berlin, Germany.

His work captures a mixture of contour, shadows and highlights which I think capture the movement of the human body extremely well.

Torr’s work is inspired by childhood memories exploring body language and the study of faces. His work in collage experiments with bright colour and his charcoal pieces explore contrast and texture.

What I really enjoy about his piece below is his strong us of line.

The fluid movements of the harsh lines sat a tone and give me the vibe of stress and tension. This is also something I feel from looking at the body language of the subject. The way his fists are balled together and they way he is slightly hunched over gives me the impression of stress and upset.

I really like how he’s chosen to work onto of newspaper as it gives a great textural effect in the background.

For my own exhibit I want be able to use harsh lines like Torr’s work to set an emotion with my piece.

If I show frustration. in my work, the viewer will be able to get a sense of this.

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