Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic is a contemporary and public artist based in Malaysia.

His work ‘Splash and Burn’ is an awareness campaign responding creatively and raising awareness for unregulated farming practises of Palm Oil in Indonesia. His work tackles issues such as transboundary haze, Deforestation, Human and Animal displacement; murals/sculptures. The campaign has collaborated with a number of local and international non-profit organisations such as London base charity SOS.

The project was initiated by Zacharevic who has actively researched the issue surrounding this and has visited and sorted locations as well a connecting with researchers and specialists in this field.

The image above is one of the pieces Zacharevic has created for this campaign.

What I really like about this piece is that it has a way of pulling on your heart strings.

Looking at the image of the lush, green forest burn to the ground with the dark and murky background has a way of making you want to shut your eyes and open them again in the hopes that the awful image will magically disappear.

What really strikes me in this piece is the monkey swinging from tree to tree above the flames.

This kind of image makes you feel sorry for the poor, defenceless creature who’s home is being taken away from him and by the looks of it, no where to escape from the hot flames and smoke.

This kind of devastation for the animal in the image leaves a kind of tension in your body, keeping you on edge much like in a horror film.

Does the monkey make it safely to his family? Or does it perish in the flames?

For my own exhibition, I want what I am showing to create an awareness and tension much like Zacharevic’s work.

Animals are harmed and killed everyday because of the choices and actions humans make and by harming and killing them off some animals are slowly becoming extinct.

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