Derek Gores

Derek Gores is a visual artist from New York.

Gores uses materials such a recycled magazines, newspapers, maps and data to create portraits on canvas’. Gores work is very playful and he is able to capture great detail in his pieces whilst creating a kind of puzzle. Rearranging scrap materials, Gores is able to go from piles of recyclable material to realism from a far; but as the viewer comes closer the pieces of scrap material become more pronoun and the realism starts to fade away.

This piece below is one of Gores pieces called ‘On the Line’.

What I really enjoy about this piece by Gores is how it appears to be both simplistic and complicated at the same time.

The simplistic side of this piece lies with his choice of colour.

Going for a black and white finish with a pop of colour through out really helps to keep your attention on the recycled materials. Anything colourful would make the piece appear to be very busy but this way you are able to see the subject clearly but also focus on the material.

For my own work I want my recycled materials to be a focus point but also not be too distracting. By using a similar method to Gores piece about, I will be able to accomplish this.

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