For my final piece this year I want to use the layering techniques I have learnt the past few weeks to create texture and depth in my work.

What I really enjoy about collage is being able to layer things together to create different kinds of backgrounds which will then become the base of my final outcome.

Underneath a few examples of the experimentation I have done with layering.

With this first piece I think the technique with clingfilm has really worked successfully. By using the clingfilm the colour of the watercolour paints are darker in the areas where the plastic clung to the card. I really like the effect this has.

What I could do better with this I choose colours which compliment each other better. The browns, orange and yellow seem very murky and not very eye catching. Next time I will be using brighter colours that look more aesthetically pleasing.

With this second piece I decided to experiment with newspaper as well as using the other techniques I have learnt. The news paper gives this piece more detail and compliments the clingfilm technique quite well.

On my next attempt with this I think I will layer different shades of blue and see what effect this has.

I also want to work on using whole pieces of newspaper that are not wrapped up as a base for my next pieces. I think this could add more detail and layers to work.

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