Experimenting with Newspaper

Working with newspaper really made me think about how I can put across my point and create awareness with my work as an artist.

I was think a lot about ways of creating layers with newspaper when I started thinking about creating my own.

One of the most influential platforms for spreading stories and getting a message across is by reading the news wether that’s in a paper form or on some kind of social media or television.

Above is my first experimental piece with the idea around making my own newspaper as a way of spreading a message. This first piece I did is just part of a title that could be printed in a paper. I used silicone stamps and an ink pad to stop a title and then drew a boarder around the top and bottom. The bottom line would be where the article would start.

This next piece I have made was experimenting with the placement of my title on a possible page and also a test with a white ink pad. I wasn’t sure if the white ink would print very well on the black watercolour paint but it seemed to print fine. The ink does smudge but this is something that can be left to dry.

My next piece I wanted to set out what possible article could look like. I used different sized stamps to create the large heading and the smaller heading for the writer of the article. I then began to draw lines where I could possibly write my own text and print it onto the paper or even find a way to transfer text over.

The coloured blue box is where the image for the article would be and this is something that I can paint using watercolour and layer with the layering techniques I’ve been using whilst doing collage pieces.

I really like this idea of creating a newspaper and this is something that I can experiment with for the exhabition.

For example, could I make this an interactive installation where I have multiple copies printed and stacked like in a shop or have someone sat with the paper open reading.

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