Lance Letcher

‘An Agreement’ By Lance Letcher
‘Portrait of Werner’ by Lance Letcher

Lance Letcher is an American contemporary collage artist based in Austin, Texas.

His work immediately caught my eye due to it’s vibrant and colourful layers which are very eye-catching and loud.

Letcher started his career of drawing but quickly moved to collage work.

In recent years, Letcher has other materials like scrap metal to create this mural shown below.

‘Big Eye’ by Lance Letcher

What I like about him and his work is the use of up cycling objects that he finds. He uses materials he finds in bins, half priced books and discarded objects of which he gives a new lease of life.

What I really like about his work and would like to carry into my own practise is the way he uses of magazine font to create wording on his work.

I find that looking at his work and seeing the variety of mismatched typography gives his work a very interesting look.

For my own work I want to also create something that is not only going to be bright and eye-catching to any audience but that is also going to be interesting to look at and full of texture.

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